"Your Voice of the Night"
    This is Frederick C. Peerenboom, otherwise known as Fritz the Nite Owl.  Fritz  has an extensive history in broadcasting.  He is best known for hosting Nite Owl Theater on WCCL TV 19, and Nite Owl Jazz:  Real Jazz for the 21st Century on WJZA and WJZK, both in Columbus, Ohio. 
    Fritz helped fashion my warped sense of humor when I would stay up late and watch Nite Owl Theater /Chiller Theatre
when it aired on WBNS 10 TV back in the 80's.  I looked forward to each monologue before, during, and after the movie.  I also looked forward to each new special visual effect for his movie introductions, a trademark for the master host. 
    I was pretty depressed when the show was cancelled by the management at WBNS.
    Life went on for me, I grew up, went to college, got a job, got married and moved south. 
    Many times I tried to explain to my wife about Fritz and why he was cool.  I decided to do an internet search and discovered Don Pollock's great tribute page.  Don put together a great montage of Fritz monologues.  I showed it to my wife.  At that moment, she understood why I thought Fritz was cool.
    Don's site was a treasure trove of information.  From it I learned something that made Fritz go up 16 points on the
, he had been the voice of Green Lantern/Hal Jordan, my favorite super hero, for an animated series.
    I learned about CD 101 from Don's site as well.  My wife and I made it our Sunday night tradition to listen to The Owl's House of Jazz, much to my wife's chagrin.  I have finally made a Jazz of her thanks to Fritz.
    One night while listening Fritz was hosting my favorite movie, Metropolis.  Again Fritz went up on the cool-o-meter.  I had to write him a letter.
    In the letter, I explained a little bit about myself.  I, as he, am a comic book buff.  I had e-mailed Don a montage of Fritz as Green Lantern, as Superman.   I sent a copy of the picture to Fritz and asked him to sign it.
    I asked him about the animated show and about the revival of his show with WCLL TV 19.  Below is his reply.

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan.
Futura, from the film Metropolis.
Visits to the Nest
*Unofficial fan page.
  Click the above image for a glimpse into the future......................
The Classic "Owl" Glasses.  These are the shades that defines the Nite Owl look.  When I was a kid, I would have loved a pair of these.  I would have really been cool.
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    Fritz's on-air performance as the incomparable Nite Owl has earned him 5 Emmy Awards!   This is a distinct honor for a movie/horror host, shared by no other.  What separates Fritz from other movie/horror hosts?  Style.  His method of presentation is fresh and unique, not duplicated by any host to date.
Nite Owl Jazz can NO LONGER be heard on WJZA 103.5  or WJZK 104.3!
WJZA has changed formats and is no longer a Jazz station! thus depriving us of a legendary radio personality.  If you are as outraged as I am, please write to Tim Feran at the Columbus Dispatch and let him know what a unique show we have lost.  Contacting WJZA will not help I'm afraid as the deed is done, but lets get some media attention and get Fritz back on the air!
    One of Fritz fiercest competition came from, Fritz himself.  On Sundays, his radio show and movie show aired at the same time.  I can't think of another on-air personality who was in such a conflict.  If Fritz happened to be showing a silent movie, Nite Owl Jazz made a great soundtrack!
Comic art
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