Fritz the Nite Owl, the godfather of horror hosts! 
Prof. Zoom is,
Fritz the Nite Owl.
    I stated on a previous page that Fritz is a comic book buff.  His favorite character is Billy Batson/Captain Marvel.  He was able to appear with his favorite character in Power of Shazam, no. 8, he was mentioned as early as issue 6.  This was a great honor.  I can only imagine what it would be like if I appeared in Green Lantern.
   Ed Newton's cool tribute to the Nite Owl.  Periodically, you will see this image on Nite Owl Theatre, when a jazz featurette is aired.
Billy Batson, Fritz the Nite Owl fan!
     Here is a reference to Fritz from Power of Shazam, no. 33. 
Fritz interviews Minute Man, Spy Smasher, and Bulletman.
   Fritz also appeared in Power of Shazam no.20.
How does Cap know that Mr. Morris is talking about Superman?
The Nite Owl in Power of Shazam, no. 47.
Power of Shazam 6
Power of Shazam 6
    Some of the Owl's numerous fans!
Who is the mysterious figure watching you?  Click to find out...
The J.L.Z., the Justice League of Zontar!
The Nite-Owl Signal