Kyll Ranyer, the last Anti-Green Lantern.  After the destruction of the original Anti-Green Lantern Corps at the hands of Xallarap, Kyll finds himself on a lone mission of evil.  He has been given orders to rebuild the Corps.  The challenge, find the most evil beings in the Anti-Matter Universe.  This is the kind of challenge Kyll likes.
    Xallarap, the greatest of the Anti-Green Lanterns.  Before his fall into goodness, he was the fiercest warrior the Corps had ever known.  He set the standard of terror in Anti-Matter Universe.  It is our hope we will see the return of the great Xallarap to his rightful place as the zenith of evil.
    Stllnar, Anti-Green Lantern of sector 1390.  Stllnar single-handedly conquered 5 solar systems in a matter of 2 months.  His ruthlessness was fabled across 10 galaxies.
    Sinestro, one of the greatest allies of the Qwardians and, consequently, the Anti-Green Lantern Corps.  He, being a former Green Lantern, was very useful in the development of power rings.  He preferred the yellow ring, being that the green rings of the Green Lantern Corps had no power over it.  The Anti-Green Lantern Corps owes great honor to such a valiant hero.
    Onyx, mutant daughter of a member of the Anti-Green Lantern Corps.  Her abilities require no ring.  She is a natural weapon of destruction.  Her powers have made her a little arrogant, but her beauty helps one to overlook that.
    Jorjj and R'lff.  These two brave Anti-Green Lanterns were instrumental in the capture of Hal Jordan during the first battle against the Green Lantern Corps.
    M'utt and Geff.  They defeated many Green Lanterns during the battle to capture the Green Lantern's center of government, Oa.
Joe Staton art!
Joe Staton art!
Joe Staton art!
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    In 2001 while working on my website, I created Xallarap, Kyll, and Onyxx to give more depth to the Anti-Green Lantern Universe.  I was shocked and amazed to see that DC included Xallarap as an actual character in the new Green Lantern game cards!  It is thrilling to know that I helped shape the Green Lantern mythos in my own small way without really meaning to.
Aili Perlia, a role model for young qwardian women everywhere.
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